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With Australians ongoing gripe about petrol prices. Why are we not showing any love for the electric car? With 2016 being a record year for car sales in Australia and nearly 1.2 million, only 219 of those were electric cars. That is a reduction from the 942 sold in 2015.

Choice of electric car models

In comparison to the US with 13 different make/models to choose from in 2017, in Australia we only have the following fully electric vehicles to choose,  Tesla model S, BMW i34, Nissan Leaf, and Mitsubishi miev which is no longer stocked. Not only does our choice of options differ but also the practically of the models use on Australian roads mostly limits them to city driving because of their need range per charge limit and available recharge infrastructure.


Aussies prefer hybrids

While sales show that Australian’s hate electric only vehicles, consumers are continuing to embrace the more conventional hybrid cars because they can switch to petrol when they run out of battery power. Not only do Aussie’s prefer hybrids because they switch between petrol and electricity, unlike electric only cars, Australian’s know and trust hybrids. Hybrids have been on Aussie roads for well over 10 years. They use petrol as their sole external energy source but are supplemented with electric energy obtained from the braking system and stored in batteries. Because of the way hybrids work and the energy obtained from the braking system, they’re a favourite for taxi companies. Hybrid cars such as the Toyota Camry Hybrid are often used among taxi fleets because they are so miserly to run in stop-start city traffic.

In fact, Australian’s love hybrid cars so much that it has significantly diminished sales of LPG cars, which was previously the preferred fuel for taxis. Only 612 LPG cars were sold last year in the country. Again, another substantial drop at 70 per cent when compared to the 12,000 hybrid cars sold in the same year.

Australian’s Hungry for Diesel


While the sale of hybrid cars in Australia is on the increase, it’s important to note that while Aussie’s are transitioning to more eco-friendly and economically sensible cars, there is still an appetite for diesel. More than 363,000 diesel vehicles were sold in the country in 2016. At an increase of 8.6 per cent, Aussie’s love for diesel doesn’t look like it will be diminishing in favour of more eco-friendly options any time soon.

Aussies like an incentive

We like it when the government subsided eco friendly building options like our homes, roof insulation, solar hot water and solar panel rebates as a nation we took to it, even if meant for many entering into finance agreements to obtain it. But our government has not been as supportive of electric vehicles like Japan, France Germany, United Kingdom and the United States and although the car companies have pushed for it and the awareness of climate change is around us daily, Aussies are clearly not responding.


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