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Fully Automated Automotive Paint Mixing Machine

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The Daisy Wheel from Fillon Technologies, is a fully automatic dosing system, that has been especially designed for automotive paint systems. It can hold all mixing toners of a modern system, so that any selected OEM color can be mixed automatically by simply pressing a button. 60 years of experience and innovation for paint manufacturers and refinishers now makes it possible for Fillon Technologies to put its new, original Daisy WHEEL mixing machine on the market.

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Its unequaled technology will revolutionise the sector by including three crucial paint preparation operations: product dosing, conservation and storage. The ultimate strength is its automated colour preparation. Refinishers can therefore use it to be able to focus on their core trade: applying paint, which is where their greatest added value lies.





Complete management: driven by universal and intuitive software, it manages the complete preparation operation (dosing and mixing), strictly complying with the colour selected by the user, freeing them from all manual interventions. Thanks to its unequalled dosing accuracy (+/- 0.05 g), colour preparation has never been as accurate and clean, thereby limiting risks to the environment and the user’s health.

Innovating storage: it contains the equivalent of a classic mixing machine (1m3 compared to the usual 4), DAISY WHEEL has revolutionary container packaging that includes interior pouches (0.5l and 1l) that are fully airtight and prevent the premature evaporation of components. Combined with a sequential, slow rotation (4 rotations per hour), no paint line has ever been as well preserved and ready to use!

A revolutionary machine based on 4 concepts:

COMPACTNESS: The wheel makes it possible to store the equivalent of a classic mixing machine. Daisy wheel takes up less than 1m3 of space compared to classic machines which require about 4m3.

OPTIMUM PAINT PRESERVATION: Soft mixing guarantees optimum preservation of the paints. The continuous rotation makes it possible both to cancel the gravity effect, and therefore sedimentation, and to maintain the consistency of the paint.
Continuous, slow rotation: (4 rotations / hour) avoids all paint stress.

OPTIMUM PAINT STORAGE: Innovating packaging composed of containers with an interior pouch to prevent contact with the air and the premature evaporation of the paint components. There is no contact between the paint and the air, and less emissions that are harmful to the user.

UNEQUALLED ACCURACY ON THE MARKET: Automatic and accurate dosing (-/+ 0.05g: the most accurate on the market) thanks to:
– A fast weighing cell developed specifically.
– Electromagnetic valves controlled directly by the weighing cell.
– The entire process is controlled by a computer and its software
10 times more accurate than the classic method.

Daisy Wheel is:
– Better use of space in the mixing room.
– A reduced quantity of inhaled solvent.
– The unpleasantness of working conditions is removed.
– The stress of dosing errors is gone.
– An unchanged computer interface for the colour mixer.
– Automatic update via internet.


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