Perfect for quick pulls and straightening of small and medium-size damage, the Micro B is the most economic Autorobot collision repair system. Small shops favor its modest footprint and flexibility, while larger shops find it indispensable for quick pulls when large racks are tied up. The Micro B is designed to mount vehicles with pinch welds, although special fasteners available as accessories enable fastening of full-frame vehicles and those without pinch welds. Micro B’s multifunctional, telescopic pulling tower turns 200 degrees around its fastening point, making work on both sides of the vehicle fast and efficient.

Autorobot Micro B is a professional straightening bench designed for easy set up and quick pulls. Its modest cost makes it a great investment for any size body shop. Micro B is particularly suited for small body shops with limited floor space. Vehicle fastening is easy with Autorobot Micro B. Its nimble design and quick set up time make it ideal as an auxiliary straightening unit for body shops that use typical jig benches. The Micro B is perfect for fast repair of small to moderate body damage and for use when the big benches are tied up with complicated repairs. Super-quick, one-bolt chassis fasteners come standard with the Micro B. These are designed for autos with pinch welds. Optional accessory packages include fasteners for full-frame vehicles and those without pinch
welds. Micro B’s fastening and pulling components are interchangeable with other Autorobot benches. Thus, the body shop with a Micro B can cost-effectively upgrade to the Autorobot XLS and/or B20 with lower purchase prices on the larger units. The Micro B is a sensible investment in straightening technology.