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Autorobot B15+

Super quick 10 t collision repair machine that works also as 3 t lift


Autorobot B15 is a patented lift/frame machine combination designed to meet the various demands of the body shop. The full length 10 ton pulling power collision repair machine provides great productivity for both small and large repairs of new car body structures. Autorobot B15 achieves a very wide operational level with its patented ramp lift solution which makes it work as a lifting platform in various jobs like damage analysis, collision repair, measuring and disassembly/installation of vehicle parts. Autorobot B15 functions with remote control, which speeds up the collision repair process and makes it easy and comfortable. Versatile lifting features allow to lift the vehicle as such standing on wheels on the ramps, or either lift it with lift pads from chassis and leave wheels hanging free.

Autorobot B15 Super collision repair system is equipped with remote-controlled hydraulics that enables super quick vehicle fastening and lifting.New hydraulics technique allows quick mounting and unmounting of vehicles with different length. The length adjustment of sill clamps is performed hydraulically by pushing remote control button.


B15 has a major role in the following body shop work tasks
• Damage analysis (with Autorobot EzCalipre)
• Disassembling vehicle parts
before straightening
• Straightening of small and large damage,
10 t power (assisted by Autorobot EzCalipre)
• Assembling work after painting
• Other standard repair jobs like with any car post lifts
• Lifting vehicles on wheels like with any drive-on car lift
• Lifting vehicles on lift pads under the car frame –
leaves the wheels hanging free
Use as a lift
When using Autorobot B15 Super, the saving in time is remarkable, as all jobs can be done on the same bench. B15 Super is equipped with versatile lifting features: lifting on wheels and on lift pads, leaving the wheels hanging free. This makes Auto robot B15 Super the most productive multipurpose bench for the body shop. The versatility of B15 Super means better productivity for the body shop, when almost all jobs in the straightening process, except painting, can be done without moving the vehicle from one place to another and there is no need to get a separate lift.
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