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baslac® offers you a lean and easy to use range of high quality refinishing products for all repair jobs at a cost effective price. Our reliable color competence is backed by the assurance of BASF, a leading global manufacturer. Improve the profitability of your bodyshop and get baslac®.


baslac® Base- and Topcoats

baslac® Basecoats offer the best possible finish for all solid, metallic and pearl colors. They are simple to apply and are accompanied by perfect color matching support. baslac®Basecoats have outstanding hiding powers.

baslac® Topcoats are designed with performance in mind. A high solid, pigment system allows a good flow and covering power with a quick drying finish together with perfect hardness and polishing properties on drying. Color matching is accurate and there is a comprehensive range of color support tools to make the process even easier.


baslac® Clearcoats

baslac® Clearcoats offer all the key performance properties you need to achieve the ultimate finish. Featuring perfect durability, high gloss retention and good leveling properties, the baslac® Clearcoat system offers an easy-to-use, quality system.

baslac® Primers

A good paint job starts with good preparation. The baslac® range of Primers follow this principle by allowing you to create the ideal base to complement any of the baslac® Topcoats or Basecoats.

baslac® Additives

The practical baslac® Additives help you to work more efficiently. They optimize the repair process, reduce energy costs and provide improved polishing. By using baslac® Additives it is very easy to speed up or slow down the drying time. Furthermore, the baslac® Additives ensure optimum application of the basecoat or topcoat system even in extreme weather conditions.


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