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Digital Intelligence

The digital intelligence in the Car-O-Liner CMI3000II,400V makes it easy to find the program relevant to the individual car make, be it MIG brazing in high-tensile steels or welding in ferritic, stainless steels. The program packages are designed for leading car makes, even those in hardenable aluminium.

MIG Brazing

Many years of close cooperation with leading car manufacturers has resulted in a wealth of experience in the joining of special alloyed steels. MIG brazing with theCMI3000II is the perfect choice when welding galvanized and high strength steels as this method allows for the maintenance of anti-corrosion coatings and structural strength.

MIG brazing high-tensile steel is a specialty of CMI3000II. Joining of special alloy thin plates requires a gentle process. This process and much more is built into the memory of the CMI3000II. The result speaks for itself; the corrosion and strength properties of the material are maint-ained and only little post-treatment is required owing to a minimum of weld spatter and heat input. And there is hardly any deformation of car body plates.

Digital memory

Digital memory which allows for saving of up to 200 individual welding jobs and easy recall of favourite settings via SD card to/from PC.

Lower power consumption

CMI3000II is environmentally friendly owing to new welding technology and use of low-energy components – an important factor now that CO2 emissions and increasing power consumption are important factors in regards to our environmental footprint.

Quattro Pulse

The CMI3000II is equipped with the revolutionary Quattro pulse which enables the welder to produce the optimum droplet pinch off of the wire. This is particularly important when welding thin materials as it keeps the heat imput to a minimum consequently maintaining the strength and anti-corrosion coating of the steel while at the same time producing a tig-like weld.

Remote control with MIG-A Twist®

CMI000II comes with the MIG-A Twist torch in an award-winning design. The unique, turnable swan neck of the MIG-A Twist allows access to hard-to-reach pla- ces. It is possible to mount different modules on top of the torch for adjustment of the most important welding parameters.

Program WizardTM

The Program Wizard is a built-in guide in the control panel which allows the welder to find the right welding program for an assignment without having to browse through all available programs, and there is no risk of making wrong choices. By asking three or four simple questions, for example about the type of wire and gas, the Program Wizard will guide you to the appropriate program for your job.

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