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Carbench Manta Bench Rack

Designed to be an expandable all-purpose bench for all vehicles from trucks to Mercedes Benz. Built to be flexible enough to allow shops to work with any type of repair system and is certified by most manufacturers.

The Manta Bench Rack, manufactured in Italy, is available in three different lengths:4.0m, 4.5m and 5.15m. All three come with a six-ton lift. There is maximum flexibility with the bench rack, which can either be mobile on four wheels or installed in a pit allowing drive over and still provide a lifting height of up to 60 inches.

• Car Bench’s most economical, heavy-duty alignment bench.
• Easy to use on your standard shop floor or installed in a pit.
• Fully adjustable height gives you great access to the vehicle and lets you work in comfort.
• Compatible with Car Bench universal, mini, and dedicated jigs.
• Pull arm features double rotation and 10 tons of 360° pulling power.
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