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The Height Is Variable. The Price Remains Low.

Power and performance in one affordable package. The Chief impulse– E/VHT gives you the high-end features and capabilities you’ve come to expect from Chief at a price you can afford. No other pulling system in the industry gives you the options and versatility that the E/VHT provides – at any price.

Compare the quality and feature of the impulse-E/VHT with any other competitive system – and decide for yourself if it offers the quality, durability and features you need to increase your profitability and stay ahead of the competition.

  • Each E/VHT Tower offers 10-Tons of power at the hook
  • 10,000 lbs. of lifting capacity
  • Low pressure system offers more power and tighter control for faster, higher quality repairs

Using impulse – E/VHT™ is as simple as..

  • Pulling up vehicle on rack with easy to access Unique interchangeable drive-on ramps for safer loading and unloading
  • Two wheel chocks prevent forward/backward movement of vehicle
  • Lift up to 10,000 pounds to any of four working height options.
  • Position individual towers where needed easily with roller bearing fitted channel wheels.
  • 218 steel reinforced tie-down openings (including crossmembers) for virtually unlimited holding
  • Central hydraulic pump allows all pushes/pulls to be controlled individually or simultaneously to gently push/pull out the damaged metal for the fastest, most accurate repair possible

impulse-E/VHT Feature2

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