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Universal and versatile, designed to accommodate any type of uni-body or full frame vehicle.

Evolution Jig Bench is the economical solution for those repairs where a mini-bench is not enough. With 5 crossbeams, loading ramp package and the D257 Fixture Set, it has all the hardware needed for the 8 point holding that OEMs require when a new design vehicle is structurally straightened. A 4.5m ( 14.75 ft.) bench thats ideal, taking up a smaller footprint without sacrificing repair capabilities.

This bench tilts allowing easier loading of the vehicle when driving up or winching onto the ramps. Vehicles can be loaded into sill clamps in as little as 15 minutes and thanks to the sliding crossbeams and base blocks, fully fixturing is also a quick and efficient process. Pulling towers remain attached to the bench and effortlessly glide 360 degrees around the bench. The “Vector” design of the towers means chain angles are always correct for every pull.

  • 5 crossbeams
  • Loading ramp package
  • Includes hardware needed for 8 pt. holding that OEM’s require
  • Onboard pulling tower
Evolution Bench
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