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The INVERTER spot welding machine GYSPOT BP.LCX-S7 fulfils the requirements for the welding of High Strength Steels (UHSS/boron steel), with 550 daN electrode force and 12000 Amps maximum welding current (with 230V supply). It is equipped with 2 clamps (X and C), providing more access possibilities to the car body. The automatic adjustment of the welding parameters in the EASY MODE makes the use of this machine extremely simple.


• Ideal X and C clamps for all types of metal works
• Lightweight and easy to handle X and C clamps: Weight 5 kg
• Single-sided gun with 3 meter cable: spot hammer welding,
stud/rivet/ring welding, carbon shrinking
• Support cable bracket with a telescopic arm
• Control display 6’’
• Remote control on the clamp
• Automatic detection of bad mains connection and bad mains voltage.
Included with the machine is :
– X1 & C1 Arm
– single sided gun
– earth cable
• Welding current:
– High welding current 12 000 A (230 V)
– Digital display of the actual current value
– Sound alert if the welding current is too low
– Constant current control
• Electrode force :
– Electrode force control
– Digital display of the actual electrode arms force
– C clamp electrode force: 550 daN.
– X clamp electrode force: 550 daN with arms 120 mm.
– Liquid-cooled arms up to the tips
– Sound alert if the actual clamp force is too low
• The EASY MODE allows welding without entering any parameter in the machine.
• 7 modes available to answer the requirements of both end users and car manufacturers
• User friendly: Large display (6”), with intuitive menus
• Saving of user welding parameters
• Record on SD card of the characteristics of each welding spot performed
• Restoration on any PC of the reports saved on the SD card
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