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  • Ultimate Energy Efficiency: Nirvana’s variable speed drive (VSD) automatically adjusts its compressed air output to achieve the highest efficiency for your operation, saving up to 35% in energy costs
  • Enhanced Reliability: Fewer connections and smart integration eliminates leaks and pressure drops maximizing reliability
  • Single-point Control: The Nirvana Controller offers easy access to your compressed air system, featuirng excellent diagnostic capabilities to pinpoint service needs
  • Scalability: Unique IntelliDrive system has the ability to scale up your compressor system to grow with the demands of your business through a simple firmware upgrade
  • Improved Work Environment: Whisper-quiet operation as low as 65 dBA allows for installation closer to point of use, reducing costs and ensuring a better, safer work environment
  • Optional Total Air System (TAS): Clean, dry air in a single package that minimizes installation costs, space and features improved ISO air quality
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