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The Kempact RA Range of machines are available in 240 Volt and 415 Volt configuration. There are REGULAR (R) and ADAPTIVE (A) models available in each amperage range except the 181 and AUTOBODY EDITION 240 Volt models, which are only available in ADAPTIVE (A) form. The REGULAR (R) Models have to have the Wire Speed and Voltage individually adjusted to suit each material and thickness being welded. The ADAPTIVE (A) Models are designed with the ease of use in mind to ensure optimal welding performance with one knob POWER (ADAPTIVE) control.                                                                                                                                                               ADAPTIVE (A) Model

  • 240 Volt Supply
  • 180 Amp Output
  • 2 Roll H/Duty Gear Driven Feed System
  • Unique upright design
  • Modern energy efficient Power Source
  • Very large clear LCD display screen
  • 2T / 4T Trigger latching
  • Precise SPOT & CYCLIC Timer (Adjustable in 0.1 sec. increments)
  • Arc DYNAMICS adjustment
  • CRATER FILL feature
  • POST GAS Timer (Adjustable)
  • HotSpot Heat Treatment function
  • 4 MEMORY Channels for storing regular job programs / settings
  • POWER adjustment (ADAPTIVE)
  • ARC LENGTH adjustment (ADAPTIVE)
  • MATERIAL Type selection (ADAPTIVE)
  • GAS selection (ADAPTIVE)
  • WIRE Ø Selection (ADAPTIVE)
  • Wire Speed Control (MANUAL)
  • Voltage Control (MANUAL)
  • Select between AMPS or Wire Speed on LCD display (ADAPTIVE)
  • Wireline service alert function (indicates if wire liner maintainence required)
  • Unique Chassis design allows floor level Cylinder loading (NO heavy lifting)
  • Internal LED Cabinet lighting illuminates wire spool level & wire drive system
  • Parts Storage Trays
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Made in FINLAND


It’s so simple to obtain excellent results

Select the MATERIAL to be welded (From the menu)

Select the GAS type (From the menu)

Select the WIRE  Ø   (From the menu)

Once these are set, they don’t have to be adjusted again.

All that is needed to do now is adjust the POWER setting to the thickness of material to be welded.

The graphic display on the large LCD screen will guide you through.

If you want to change the shape of your weld between Mitred, Concave or Convex, simply adjust the

ARC LENGTH control to suit your requirements. IT’S THAT SIMPLE.

You can select between Amperage or Wire Speed display on the LCD screen in ADAPTIVE mode only. The Material thickness indicator and visual are constantly shown on the screen in this mode.


ALL Kempact RA ADAPTIVE (A) Models Can be used in MANUAL mode if desired.

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