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Firing Up True Finishing Innovation

with Norton Blaze A995 No-FIL Paper Discs

For us, it’s a natural evolution of sanding excellence alongside the pursuit of perfection.
For you, it’s taking that perfected technology to immediately drop dollars to your shop’s bottom line.


Our proven history of high-quality product expertise delivers the real deal when it comes to sanding.
And, it’s that product passion you can trust, whether it’s our legendary performance offering or this next-generation game-changer of Norton No-Fil A995 Blaze paper disc lineup. 

Key Applications

Sanding and Prepping Primed & Painted Metals

Dry Sanding Plastics, Fiberglass, Composites, Body Filler & Light Welds


An all-new exclusive backing design provides extraordinary strength with tear resistance well beyond any flexible paper disc in the market, as much 2-3X. This super-tough, polyester-reinforced D-weight hook & loop backing means exceptional edge adhesion of the grain even in the most demanding automotive sanding applications; so, grain shed is virtually non-existent and the result is outstanding durability.



Our ceramic grain isn’t just like the other and the blaze orange face color immediately makes it further distinguished from any other product. This ultra-premium ceramic aluminum oxide abrasive of the Norton A995 Blaze design boosts performance with its extremely sharp grain edges. As the grains fracture, these keen edges generate a consistent cut throughout the life of the product. The use of P-graded grain that adheres to the FEPA standard and our Norton No-Fil (anti-clog) waterbased stearate coating also ensures you get the superior finish you need without user fatigue, rework and endless consumption of discs through changeovers. Just one of the many differences from Norton engineering, but one that makes for better productivity – from start to finish.

Current generation of ceramic grain shape is blocky with more rounded edges and cuts less aggressively with greater friction.

New Norton BLAZE ceramic grain shape is sharper with keener cutting edges that generate a more aggressive yet cool cut.



At The End Of The Day What’s In It For You?

Norton Blaze Flame 1

Reduce labor costs per job through less sanding time and more material removal with ultra-premium ceramic aluminum oxide grain and heavy-duty backing design

Norton Blaze Flame 2

Gain uncompromised productivity with optimal dust extraction for fewer disc changes and cleaner work environment

Norton Blaze Flame 3

Generate more profit to the bottom line with longer product life, consistent surface quality, and unrivaled performance



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