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The R&D Behind The Design
“Norton Pure Ice Q175 film discs use a patented resin system. The toughened resin binder better retains grain and product integrity by dissipating and reducing macro-fractures, which are often the cause of premature abrasive grain loss for decreased product life. Q175, it’s tough enough to last. It lies flat, feels more flexible, stays sharp and gives a consistent, uniform finish. The superior No-Fil coating technology means loading is minimized for even longer sanding life.”
•Our patented resin bond technology provides excellent grain adhesion for long life and consistent cut throughout the life of the disc with minimized loading
•Integrated R & D design of film backing and unique resin bond system ensures the disc stays flat even while conforming to irregular surfaces for a superior finish
•Ultra-thin 3-mil polyester film backing gives maximum flexibility and tear resistance with a finish that is easier to buff out
•Consistent, water-based No-Fil stearate coating offers ultimate anti-loading properties to extend disc life and eliminate pigtails
•NorGrip (Hook and Loop) backing provides quick and easy disc mounting and removal
Let’s Call It “Rock” Science
The mono-layered, open-coat of micron-graded grain, with controlled peaks and valleys, is designed with uniform spacing of abrasive grain to give a consistent cut while ensuring dust does not get trapped. Because, when dust gets trapped, it causes pigtails and that causes rework. Norton Pure Ice Q175 discs have an advanced anti-loading agent sitting in the properly-spaced valleys for extra protection against clogging. The grain is electrostatically-coated to orientate the sharpest point toward the cutting surface to maximize a consistent cut. This design uniformity means a super-smooth, flexible, and durable PET film that provides maximum productivity. Norton Pure Ice film discs tackle the job so you can focus on a quality surface finish
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