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The application of fast build primer. Build primer is normally used when a surface needs to be repaired to a required standard for topcoating. This instructional video includes etch priming as necessary and an application overview. Deltron DP6000 from PPG dries in one hour at room temperature (20 degrees) – after this, the primer is ready to sand.

Versatile and easy to apply with a one visit application PPG’s 2K Rapid Primer Surfacer also reduces energy consumed, as no bake is required therefore helping PPG bodyshops to reduce costs without compromising on quality. With less than one hour air dry the primer will be ready to sand offering excellent film build and surface levelling over a wide range of substrates.


Available in three greymatic shades (and can be mixed to provide further shades) to help optimise basecoat colour and reduce usage; these primers are designed to be over coated with ENVIROBASE® High Performance waterborne basecoat and DELTRON® UHS Progress direct gloss.

The range consists of 4 new products

  • D8531/E1 – DP6000 2K Rapid Primer White G1
  • D8535/E3 – DP6000 2K Rapid Primer Grey G5
  • D8537/E1 – DP6000 2K Rapid Primer Dark Grey G7
  • D8716/E1 – Productive Thinner

DP6000 offers a route to achieving an extremely fast and easy throughput of high quality repairs, whilst also achieving substantial energy savings, ensuring greater bodyshop profitability and exceptional finish results.

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