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Simple. Accessible.

The single cassette REVO Spot is a great solution for quickly curing small surfaces. It can be effortlessly moved into any paint booth, prep station or virtually any other area in a shop.

  • Ideal for small areas and spot repairs
  • The temperature sensor automatically adjusts the intensity of the lamps to maintain a consistent temperature regardless of the substrate underneath, ensuring that you never overcure or undercure a coating
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Strong, durable cart is easy to maneuver
  • Can be used for aluminum repair, bumper repair or dent removal
  • 6 kw of power

Up to 80% More Paint Shop Throughput
REVO Accelerated Curing Systems allow you to do
more high-quality repairs in less time. Using short wave
electric IR technology, these revolutionary systems
cure fillers and coatings quickly from the inside out.
Curing time for both prep and paint phases of repair can
be reduced by hours, freeing up your technicians to
complete additional repairs.
Multi-Functional Tool
In addition to rapidly curing fillers and coatings, REVO
Spot is well suited for many other applications, including
dent removal, and aluminum and bumper repair. This
versatile tool can help your shop be more productive.
Easy-to-Operate Controls
The REVO Spot is easy to use. Simply turn the knobs
to set the curing time and temperature. A temperature
sensor automatically adjusts the lamp to ensure you
don’t overcure or undercure the coating. Once the set
temperature is reached, the bulbs will pulse to control
and maintain temperature. This also extends the life of
the bulbs and saves energy.
Quick Heating & Cooling Times
Lamps on the REVO Spot reach curing temperature
almost instantly. Built-in fans cool the unit down in
seconds. The unit can be turned on only when needed
and is safe to touch shortly after being turned off.
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