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The most technically advanced offering from Sagola “handles like a small sports car, feels like a limousine.”
The new Sagola 4600 Xtreme spray gun tackles modern refinishing challenges head-on. Far more than just another spray gun, the 4600 Xtreme is the revolutionary new tool that’s delivering the highest levels of quality finish and user comfort.

While it might be the same colour as its predecessor, the cutting edge 4600 Xtreme has been specifically designed to suit today’s industry professionals.

“Sagola have worked with users around the globe to refine their latest Xtreme spray gun,” explains Paul Polverino, Axalta’s National Training Manager. “They’ve taken on ‘the voice of the customer’ to help develop the 4600.”

The most astounding new feature is its lightweight, ergonomic design, the 4600 is the lightest and most perfectly balanced Xtreme ever!

“The 4600 even has a new centre of gravity, making it amazingly comfortable for both small and large hands,” says Polverino. “The new trigger design and internal valve also give the 4600 a completely new feel.”

This new trigger design reduces fatigue while still delivering perfect paint uniformity. A new air distribution system creates the finest and smoothest spray yet.

“Brand new nozzles allow for greater fluid flow and distribution, creating easy spraying in a wider range of conditions,” says Polverino. “Redesigned air caps give a more controlled fan and perfect application from air pressures as low as 1.5 bar up to 2 bar.”

Sagola’s spray gun range is still unique in the market. “As usual, the new Sagola 4600 Xtreme has no gaskets or O-rings due to the extreme quality and engineering tolerances used during production,” says Polverino.

As for productivity, the automatic paint packing design – made from just one piece – makes cleaning simple and thorough, and avoids accidental breakage of the gland.

Partnered with a 3-year warranty and competitive pricing, the 4600 Xtreme spray gun is a must-have tool in the modern bodyshop.

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