A perfect finish for varnishes and mineral materials. Whether it’s scuffing, fine sanding or preparation for polishing – the improved technology of 7940 siaair is the key to a perfect finish in damp and dry sanding applications.
▶ High stock removal rates and excellent finish
▶ Low clogging in damp and dry sanding applications
▶ Highly adaptable to contours, curves and profiles
▶ Pressure-equalising foam gives perfect surface finish
▶ Waterproof and washable
▶ Resistant to silicon remover
Product profile
Grit type: Aluminium oxide
Grit range: 240; 360; 500-1000;
1500-2000; 3000-4000
Backing: Knitted fabric with foam backing
Coating: Special process
bonding: Resin over resin

– Matt finishing of conventional old and new varnishes as well
as composite materials
– Fine sanding primer filler in hard-to-reach areas
– Preparation for polishing on high-gloss surfaces
Colour; Lacquer; Old lacquer; Gelcoat polyester; Plastics; Acrylic
glass (Plexiglass); Composite