Designed for automotive body painters. The compact and easy-to-understand range allows the PRO to save time and get a safe process result.

▶ PROductivity. 20% time saving. Work faster through one process step less and optimised grit quality.
▶ PROfit. 70% less articles to buy. Less inventory and easier ordering process with just 9
▶ PROficiency. 100% safe process result. Perfect result through refined and easy to understand grit sequence.
▶ Less application errors and lower rate of returned cars
▶ Relation to the grit size

– Levelling / Stripping
– Fine sanding
– Body filler levelling
– Body filler fine sanding
– Body filler finishing / Keying outlet area
– Primer filler levelling
– Primer filler finishing
– Scuffing

Lacquer; Bodyfiller; Primer filler