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In an expansion of its Pittsburg trial earlier this year, Uber has started picking up passengers in the San Francisco area today.

Each one of Uber’s self-driving fleet with have a safety driver and an Uber test engineer to take start manually driving the car when needed and monitor the smart technology.

All passengers need to do is request an uberX using the standard consumer-facing mobile app.

Other recent developments

Earlier this year, the British government has launched a consultation to explore how autonomous vehicles can be insured, as well as hashing out rules of the road for self-driving cars and existing regulations that may hold back adoption.

The proposals include changes to insurance laws so that “motorists who have handed control to their self-driving cars can be insured properly”. It also suggests amendments to the Highway Code along with redrafting regulations to “support the safe use of remote control parking and motorway assist features”.

These changes are set to appear in the upcoming Modern Transport Bill. According to the Department for Transport, motor insurance will remain compulsory but will be extended to cover product liability for self-driving cars.


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